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Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!


The 20 Principles of Gichon Funakoshi and Shotokan Dojo Kun

This page details the 20 Guiding Principles of Shotokan Karate; these principles are also known as Niju Kun, and were developed by Gichin Funakoshi. Also listed are the Shotokan Dojo Kun - the five rules for behaviour in Shotokan dojo and everyday life. 

Niju Kun

1. Karate begins and ends with courtesy and respect

2. Never strike first

3. Be on the side of justice

4. Control yourself before engaging others

5. Mental attitude is more important than technique

6. Empty your mind and be present

7. Accidents stem from lack of attention

8. Carry karate values beyond the dojo

9. Karate is a life-long endeavour

10. Bring karate into your whole life and find inner peace

11. Karate is like boiling water: without applying heat it turns cold

12. Never strive to win - instead, make sure you do not lose

13. Use the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent

14. Winning depends on the right application of softness and hardness

15. Think of hands and feet as swords

16. When you step through a door, be ready to face opponents

17. First master the karate stances, then adopt a natural pose

18. Perform kata with firmness; perform combat with fluidity

19. Apply softness & hardness, contraction & expansion, relaxation & speed

20. Be mindful, diligent and resourceful in the dojo and in life

Shotokan Dojo Kun

The Shotokan Dojo Kun are the 5 rules that govern behavior in the Shotokan dojo and everyday life.

Below are English and Japanese versions of this Dojo Kun. 

1. Strive for the completion and perfection of one’s character

2. Be faithful and protect the way of truth

3. Put the maximum effort into everything you do

4. Respect others and the rules of etiquette

5. Refrain from impetuous behaviour

Short Version – An alternative used by some Shotokan schools

1. Seek perfection of character

2. Be faithful

3. Endeavor

4. Respect others

5. Refrain from violent behaviour

Japanese Version

1. Hitotsu Jinkaku Kansei Ni Tsutomeru Koto

2. Hitotsu Makoto No Michi Wo Mamoru Koto

3. Hitotsu Doryoku No Seishin Wo Yashinau Koto

4. Hitotsu Reigi Wo Omonzuru Koto

5. Hitotsu Kekki No Yu Wo Imashimuru Koto