Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!

Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!


Training Resources - Websites & You Tube Links

Making the most of your Karate experience

There is a huge amount of information online in the Karate community. 


We acknowledge the work and resource of many contributing websites, wiki pages and sources in the compilation of this website. 

To avoid duplication, and with respect to copyright, we have listed some excellent resources here. 

1) You Tube 


2) Shotokan Sensei

3) Shotokan Karate Academy

2) Websites

1) The Martial Way - contains detailed descriptions of kihon, kata (including enbusens (kata maps), kumite along with graphics and videos:

2) Ultimate Karate USA - Sensei Jason Leung

3) Black Belt Wiki

4) Karate Philosophy 

3) Reading Resources

Some suggestions to help you widen your understanding of karate - all available on Amazon:

1.      Karate-Do My Way of Life – Gichan Finakoshi; 

2.     The Essence of Karate - Gichan Finakoshi 

3.     The Twenty Guiding Principles - Gichan Finakoshi 

4.     Karate – My Life – Kanazawa Hirokazu

5.      The Way of Kata - Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder 

6.     The Shotokan Karate Bible 2nd edition: Beginner to Black Belt – Ashley Martin

7.      Karate-Do: Dynamic Karate – Masatoshi Nakayama 

8.      Essential Karate – Mas Oyama 

9.     Traditional Karate Do Vols 1-4 – Morio Higaonna 

10.   The Karate Way: Discovering the Spirit of Practice – Dave Lowry 

4) Magazines

1) Black Belt Magazine

2) Shotokan Karate Magazine

5) International Karate Organisations

1) Shotokai - the organisation formed in 1930 by Funakoshi to teach and spread the art of karate-Do.

2) World Union of Karate Federations  

3) International Shotokan Karate Federation

4) Belgium Karate Federation 

5) ISKF Europa 

6) Shotokan Karate CSL