Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!

Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!


Origins of Blancke Academy Karate Club

Where it all began....

In the 1960s, Master Maurice Blancke brought karate back to Belgium. A former professional musician, while on tour in France, he got to know this martial art and was introduced to karate by the greatest of the time. He made it his daily life. There were only three teachers in Belgium in those years, who gathered and began teaching at Forest National to small groups.

Seeing this potential, in 1970 Maurice converted his recording studio in Molenbeek for his orchestra 'Burt Blanca & les King Creole's, and made it a 'Dojo' during off-peak hours.

In 1972 Maurice continued to expand and began teaching in Strombeek-Bever. In 1978, he was approached to start a karate room in Waremme with Mr. Edmond Leburton, Minister of State, as an honorary member. In 1987, he moved to Uccle to continue the expansion of his art and, in 1990, he began teaching at the European Commission.

Maurice acquired the rank of 10th Dan, one of the highest karate grades. He died in 2012 at the age of 81, and is regarded as one of the greatest pioneers of karate in Belgium.

His son Gunther Blancke (4th Dan), who took over the torch of the Blancke Academy, started karate at the age of 4. He followed his dad and dedicated his life to karate, reaching his first black belt at age 12 and winning many national and international championships. His father, who was already seeing the future development of martial arts in the 1980s, sent Gunther to expand his knowledge in Jiu-Jutsu, Kobudo, Boxing, Kick-Boxing. Gunther is now an accredited instructor with decades of teaching experience in all of these disciplines.

Gunther has also spent over 10 years ensuring security in nightclubs and personal close protection to clients. This is the real and practical application  of self-defence in everyday life. After his great success here in Belgium, he was invited to the United States to give courses in Florida, Atlanta and South Carolina, where he successfully operated his business for nearly a decade.

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