Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!

Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!


Frequently Asked Questions

Karate can be a lifelong journey for anyone, starting at any age.

Karate teaches you not only how to punch, block and kick, it teaches you how to be a better person.

1. How long will it take? When will I notice a difference?

Like anything good, karate is a long-term pursuit. As a new student, we encourage you to commit yourself in 3-month steps. This is the initial time to get familiar and to challenge yourself to come regularly to classes - ideally the minimum is 2-3 per week. After 3 months, you will have noticed a difference in yourself - and be ready for the next 3 months. Before you know it, you will be in the zone.

2. Can I try a class for free?

Yes - contact us and your first week is a free experience with us at one of our dojo in Uccle, Strombeek or the European Commission (security access required).

3. What is the starting age?

Our earliest age for karate is around 5 or 6 and for kickboxing around 11 or 12. Parental consent and supervision is required for children under age 12.

4. How fit do I have to be?

You can start karate or kickboxing at any stage of fitness. You can go at your own pace and take water breaks or rest if needed.  Once you start then your fitness, as well as your overall health, improves.

If you have a concern or any health issues, we recommend you consult your GP first, and discuss it with us in confidence.

5. Do I have to wear the Gi - the karate uniform?

Once your enrol, yes! Your gi is a practical and strong training uniform that won't rip or tear and a sign of your commitment to improve and train. Your belt signifies your progress and your goals. 


5 Reasons to Try Karate

1. Self Defence - Karate and kick boxing lessons can increase your confidence and self-awareness, and also teach you the skills of what to do if you are in a confrontation. 

2. Fitness - physical and mental. Karate improves not only your physical fitness, flexibility, strength conditioning but also your mental fitness, by providing an outlet for stress, a sense of security and the self-esteem and confidence this can create.

3. Discipline and Focus - karate improves your ability to concentrate and prioritise, building your sense of self-discipline and decision-making.

4. Respect - Karate is built on respect, on understanding the importance of the dojo, the challenge of training and relating to your fellow students and instructors.

5. Confidence - Karate develops an increased belief in yourself and your capabilities. This positive sense of well-being flows into every other part of your life.


5 Tips For Training

Here are five ways you can help yourself get the most out of your time studying and practising karate.

1. Make karate a habit - Train regularly, especially if you can't make class. Stretch, practise your kihon or kata. You improve through practise!

2. 3 Month Steps - Karate is a long game. Think of the first 3 months as the first step. Then the next 3 months and so on from there. Your body and fitness will change, you will get through the first aches and pains and understand more as you go. Take your time with techniques and concepts. Speed, power and understanding will come with time. It's a long journey.

3. Stretch and take care of your body. A core secret to karate is increased flexibility. Even if you don’t have time to train, try to devote 10-15 minutes stretching each day.  Be aware of your diet and what you put into your body. Finally, from sleep you get strength. Make sleep a priority, it can be just as life-changing.

4. Become a student of karate. Read the key books and writings of the past masters and the current experts, research the internet, watch You Tube videos. You can tap into an unlimited world of information that can be highly valuable to your training, your enthusiasm and your progress.  If you are unsure of something, ASK!

5. Enjoy every moment. We want you to enjoy your time at the dojo  - our classes have hard work but mixed with laughter, and you will have the satisfaction of leaving each time feeling good. 

If there is anything else, just contact us: or 0475 25 64 63