Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!

Blancke Academy Karate Club(est. 1970)
Your Karate, Kick-boxing and MMA club in Brussels!


Our Classes: Karate - Kick Boxing & MMA - Gym-Flex - Self-Defence Courses - Personal Training

1) Karate 

Shotokan Karate is our core offering. From beginner to advanced student to black belt, we can take you on your own karate journey. Karate is the core to many other disciplines and is an excellent foundation for health and fitness.

2) Kick Boxing and MMA 

This fighting art forms the combination of basic boxing and karate techniques with intensive cardio training and fitness. These are exciting and high-paced sessions with a practical element at the heart of them. 

3) GymFlex Fitness

Our latest and increasingly popular programme! GymFlex is designed for low-impact strength and fitness workout, with a focus on flexibility and agility. Held twice weekly in Sporthal Drogenbos it lets you have a great workout and keep in shape.

4) 8 Week Self-Defence Course Corporate Classes

Our self-defence course is a combination of different combat disciplines, understanding situational awareness and the most effective strikes and responses, directed to the sensitive points of the human body. Through this knowledge, you will feel more confident against an opponent and how to react. This program is suitable for all ages. 

We can come to your location and deliver the 8 Week Self-Defence class specifically for your team/staff. We will need access to a large training room for this. Minimum 10 / maximum 20 people are required.

5) Team Building With Self Defence - two x 2-hour sessions 

Our Team Building workshop on self-defence is an engaging and challenging two x 2 hour workshops that will build confidence, personal awareness and situational analysis. You will learn the key self defence tips to takeaway. Minimum 10 / maximum 20 people. Two workshops are scheduled over 2-4 weeks to embed the learning.

6) Individual Instruction and Training Plan

We can build a personal plan for your karate or kick-boxing training that will help you develop your technique and abilities further; or even if you cannot attend our regular class sessions!

Contact us for more details: or 0475 25 64 63 

Sensei Gunther Blancke
Sensei Gunther Blancke